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Welcome to!

There are wonderful times for us web-designers. CSS3 has finally arrived and it’s here to stay. With an equal high support among all modern browsers we have great possibilities right at our fingertips. is not only here to guide you through the often dense jungle of the CSS3 syntax, but it also wants you to encourage to use CSS3 right now! Don’t care about the old Internet Explorers, a website hasn’t to look the same in every browser.

My new project:

I’m a big fan of Sketch. It has its flaws, but generally it’s a much better tool to make designs than Photoshop. I especially love it’s simplicity and ease of use. Nevertheless it has many options and tweaks, which are not apparent at first sight, but can make your life so much easier. Therefore I decided that I want to contribute to the Sketch community and so I came up with the idea of There I try to provide a broad range of tips for Sketch.

I try to do a series of “How I built” in the coming weeks to describe a few interesting techniques I’ve used throughout the project. So stay tuned.

Finally solved: vertical aligning with CSS

One of the oldest problems of CSS seems to be vertical aligning. Although there is the well-known vertical-align property, you can’t just set vertical-align: middle for a block and everything inside gets centered vertically. While there is still no “one-property-solution” we have a broad selection of techniques which enable to center things vertically.